Vitamins are the organic molecules that are required in small quantities for the proper functioning of the body. Vitamin B 17 belongs to category of vitamin B complex and studies have shown that Vitamin B-17 works together with other vitamins like Vitamin inside the body to kill the malignant cells. Benefits not only includes the ability to fight cancer but also helps in improving immune system and lowering blood pressure . better immune system itself helps in preventing so many diseases.

There are Natural Sources of Vitamin B17 you must include in your diet.


Apricot seeds kernels and bitter almonds are considered as one of the richest sources of Vitamin B-17. Apple seeds , pears seeds are another good source .


Eucalyptus leaves contains a good amount of this Vitamin . Alfalfa and spinach seeds are among the other sources of vitamin B 17.


Whole green gram sprouts and bamboo sprouts contains high amount of this Vitamin. Apart from these sprouts of Alfalfa also contains moderate amounts of Vitamin B17


Strawberry , blue berry , elderberry also provide Vitamin B17 in abundance.

Apart from these sources there are natural supplements available in the market or Online like RICH B17 By HLN(Herbs Life Nutrients) which contain the best richest natural sources of Vitamin B-17 In the form of a unique formulation.

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