Tips For Men to Improve Sexual Performance

Importance of sex in a healthy relationship can’t be ignored. Sex brings stability in a relationship and increases bonding. Here are some tips to take care of your relationship by taking your sexual performance to the next level.

Reduce Stress
We all have to deal with stress in daily life. It is important to handle stress because mind and body are inter dependent. Chronic stress will lead to raised level of cortisol hormone which suppresses libido. Trying to have sex in stressed out condition make the things only worse. You just can’t get an erection if your mind is not there. The harder you try , more worse it becomes. so a relaxed mind will power boost your sex desire and performance.

Get into shape.
Overweight/Obese men are more prone to raised cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure and all these in turns leads to Erectile dysfunction. So take care of your body weight.

Take care of your diet
Heart health is closely linked to sexual health. Take fiber rich diet such as vegetables and whole fruits to keep a control over cholesterol level .Add good fats in your diet like Omega -3 fatty acids which helps improve cardiovascular health and ultimately leads to better sexual performance

Exercise has amazing benefits on sex life. Exercise increases stamina, refreses the mood, improves self image and all these factors in turn play a key role in improved sex life. Weight lifting helps body to produce more testosterone

Take enough sleep
Sound Sleep helps not only to rejuvenate physically and mentally but also take care of your sex life. Lack of sleep can be the main culprit in your low sex drive as it lowers levels of testosterone, the hormone responsible for key role in sexual performance. Lack of sleep not only affects sexual performance but also leads to low sperm count.

Additional tips
There are few herbs which works very well on sexual performance in a natural way. Safed Musli (Asparagus adcendens ), Gokshur(Tribulus terrestris), Kapikacchu ( Mucuna pruriens) are among the top herbs to improve sexual performance .These can be taken in right dose as it is or in the form of herbal supplements available in the market. Choosing the Supplement means right combination of herbs in right dosage. IGNITE is one such formulation by HLN(Herbs Life Nutrients) available in the market or online which satisfies these parameters.
I’m not a fan of any kind of dietary supplements, stimulants of potency, and other chemicals. You will never know the consequences. You should get a tablet of Viagra at, break it in half and wash it down with water… After about five minutes I felt some warming in the lower abdomen and warmer below five minutes later. Some cheerfulness appeared, and fatigue somewhere passed. I began to please my wife without hesitation. Ten minutes later after it was all over I wanted to repeat everything again. Do not take Viagra every day. One dose is enough for a couple of days of full erection (one reception – half a tablet).

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